Tools'4'Tape plugins

If you have a tape library, then the Library plugin allows you to access and automate your main task. You can select from one to 100 tapes and let Tools'4'Tape get on with the process!

Outstanding tape/library utilities

Outstanding tape/library utilities


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Working with tape? You need Tools'4'Tape

Tape tools

Tools'4'Tape is the first diagnostic/utilities tool for tape users developed independently of media and tape drive manufacturers. Not only are we independent we are also advocates of the tape format and see it as still having a long-term future. Tools'4'Tape has several plugins available, which means that you may purchase as little or as much as you want at any time.

  • Are you having problems with backup tapes?
  • Are your backups taking far too long?
  • Is your tape fit for purpose?
  • Are there tapes you want to erase before disposal?
  • Do you want to ensure that the data on your backups is recoverable?
  • Do you have performance issues and don't know where else to look?
  • Do you need some custom tape work done?


With its simple to use interface and easy to expand base coding, we have the knowledge and skill to provide you with a cost effective application for your specific needs. Tools'4'Tape is the baby brother of Tapewise, an application used worldwide by data centres and providers.

Current plugins for Tools'4'Tape.

  • Security erase
  • Health Check
  • Library automation
  • Tool set
  • Currently developing 2 more!


Presently Tools'4'Tape is a Windows only application, however we are looking in to developing other versions of this. We do not currently support pre Windows 2000 operating systems, however we will try and provide support for other Windows versions.

Support is free for the first year.  After this you will be given the option to renew your support (including free upgrades) for the following year.

For an enterprise solution, please see our sister site


Want a FREE trial?

Software pathPlease follow these four steps to get your FREE trial :-

  • Register for your T4T - Account and once confirmed log in.
  • Select the Request a FREE Trial, selecting which plugins you want to try
  • Wait for us to confirm your details/trial request
  • Download and run