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If you drop a cartridge/tape on the floor, while there can be no visible damage there is the possibility that something is broken inside. Added to that, the impact can cause edge damage to the tape causing more errors on the tape. use the Health check plugin to ensure your tapes are good.

Outstanding tape/library utilities

Outstanding tape/library utilities

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Tools'4'Tape pluginsTools'4'Tape is a core application with a selection of plugins built in (T4T core cost just £100). These plugins are available to purchase individually so that your costs are as low as possible, and also allows us to update the software with new plugins.

Erase tape Security erase

If you need to make sure tape data is wiped, the security ease plugin offers several methods to allow this.

Health tape check Health check

If you are having problems with tape media or want to check if your tape media quality is at an acceptable level, then this plugin will meet your needs. By performing a read or write test on the tape, its errors are mapped allowing you to see if the tape is good or bad.

Library control Library

Tools'4'Tape in its base form works with Tape drives which for most users allows them to do what they need to do. However if you do have a library then this plugin will allow you to control the library and automate tasks.

Health tape check Tape dump

If you have lost data from a tape, or want to dump a tape to disk, the Tape dump plugin will do this for you. You can select to either create a single file dump, or multi-file based on the tapes filemarks.

Tape tools Tools

A selection of basic tools that allow you to perform basic tasks with your tape drive or media. valued at £75 but currently given FREE!

Tape custom code Custom code

Do you have a specialist tape requirement? Need to convert from tape to disk? We have over 15 years of experience with tape and programming, so no matter what your need, small or large, we can help

* Please note plugins require the base application which cost £100 + any additional taxes that are required.